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Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 14:12:07 EEST

Dear RP-ML-ers,

    Thank you again to Rafael Santillan and Elaine Persall for organizing
the first in-person meeting of the RP-ML last month in Chicago, and to
Time-Compression Technologies and Materialize for sponsoring the room and

    I personally believe that this meeting will go down as a historic event,
not unlike the meetings of the Home Brew Computer Club in the 1970s that
launched the personal computer revolution. has now posted a selection of Rafael's photos from the
meeting. We also have a numbered key listing the names and affiliations of
the 53 people in the group photo. If you were at the meeting, please check
to make sure that we have you listed correctly, and let us know if you are
missing or misspelled or misaffiliated, etc. View the photos and the listing

    The page with these photos is part of a new "RP-ML" section of In addition to the photos from the meeting, this section also
contains the "Check This Out" debate and the discussion of food applications
from earlier this year on the list, and it gives newcomers directions to the
official RP-ML Web site for information on joining. You can visit the RP-ML
section of at

    Please let us know what you think of this new content at

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