Urethane material similar to Dylark?

From: Steve Hengsperger (steveh@adveng.on.ca)
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 14:01:59 EEST

Good Morning everybody,

Has anyone out there ever been able to get their hands on a urethane
material that is similar to a production material called Dylark? I'm
sure if I have the spelling correct on that but I know it is very
similar to a glass-filled nylon when it comes to rigidity. Our other
option would be to take a urethane material that is similar to PC/ABS
and adding our own fillers to give it the additional rigidity. Anybody
out there with any experience with doing this kind of thing?

This project is just one of many out there where our customer didn't
even think it would be possible to utilize urethane parts for this type
of application. We seem to come across this "lack of education"
phenomenon alot and I personally believe that as time goes on (and as
some technologies fade away) the customers understanding and acceptance
of rapid prototyping/tooling will grow. I haven't received Terry
Wohlers report yet, but judging by the various comments made over the
last couple of weeks I think Terry and his sources have done an
excellent job in summarizing the state of our industry.


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