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Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 00:29:43 EEST

Ron Ptaszek wrote:

"This sounds like a new name for an old methodology.....?"


In a way you are correct. With Space Puzzle Molds(R), Protoform GmbH has
taken something old and turned it into something new. The SPM(R) molds are
made in sections, so that each mold may be taken apart regardless of the
complexity of the molded part. The mold sections are CDN machined and
fitted together in a fashion similar to the mold maker's practice prior to
the availability of EDM machining. The geometry in each mold section is
relatively easy to generate, mostly by CNC milling. It is a simple, but
powerful concept to build an accurate mold to produce complex and
production-like parts. However, the mold must be held together in the
molding press and that is the job of the patented mold holding device or
mold frame. It is the "new twist" to the old methodology.

The mold frame, mounted on the molding machine platens, captures the SPM(R)
mold rigidly and accurately after it is loaded by hand or by mechanical
assistance. After the molding cycle is complete, the mold frame quickly
releases the SPM(R) mold to be taken apart to uncover the molded part.
Space Puzzle Molding(R) goes beyond the use of universal mold bases and hand
loaded inserts which are used to eliminate side draws for prototype parts.
Besides the fact that the mold does not require water lines or ejector pins,
 each mold frame size replaces a series of universal mold bases since it can
be quickly changed to accept a series of mold sizes up to the maximum size
for that specific frame.

As I said before, I'm particularly please with the potential use of the
direct rapid tools like AIM, RapidTool, and ProMetal, or the secondary rapid
tools generated from rp patterns. I feel that SPM(R) will significantly
increase the complexity of the molded part which can be manufactured from a
rapid, low cost mold.

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Douglas A. VanPutte
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>This sounds like a new name for an old methodology.....?
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> Glenn Whiteside wrote:
> > Could someone explain what "Space Puzzle Molding" is?
> Space Puzzle Molding is a process that was developed by Protoform GmbH of
> Fürth, Germany. I had the opportunity to see it for the first time at
> EuroMold in Frankfurt last December. Very interesting approach. The
> process was recently made available here in the U.S. by Protoform North
> America. Doug VanPutte serves as the company's senior sales
> representative.
> A Space Puzzle Mold is designed with many parting lines so that it fits
> together like a puzzle. No ejector pins or mechanical mold slides are
> necessary, even for complex parts. According to Doug, SPM is capable of
> injection molding accurate, complex, and production-like prototype parts in
> virtually any plastic at normal molding conditions with a reduction in lead
> time and cost compared to other approaches. I'm sure that Doug would be
> glad to expand on this.
> Terry
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