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From: Doug Mitchell (
Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 21:06:01 EEST

Brad Fox wrote:
> RP-ML:
> Thanks to everyone who's responded on the CNC machining from STL files
> issue. I'll keep you informed on my studies into it.
> Follow up question: did anyone see the material from...US Gympsum I
> the RP&M show. I could have the spelling wrong. At any rate,
> its a gympsum based material they were promoting. Cuts fast and easy.
> Anyone know where I can get some info on it? Anyone have some experience
> with it?
> Again - thanks list!!!
> Brad Fox
> Rapid Tooling Technologies

Hi Brad,

Yea, I saw the Gypsum based material as well. One of the problems
with it as of today, is that it is very thin, so it spreads too
easily. You spread it with a squeegee like device. If it were a
little thicker, we would be interested in it.

It appears to be distributed by Rayite. Their phone is listed
as 800-487-4431


Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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