Re: 2D to 3D

From: Paul Burr (
Date: Sat May 15 1999 - 16:17:51 EEST

At 3:54 AM +0200 5/15/99, Christian LAVIGNE wrote:
>Chère RP-ML,
>does anyone knows freeware(s) or shareware(s) which can convert 2D
>pictures into 3D files (DXF, STL...) by using the color/grey - scale of
>the picture for making variable thickness?
>Thanks to all !
>Bien cordialement.

I recall comiing across a Photoshop Plug in that does exactly what you
want. But, I failed to save the URL! Those late night web surfing sessions
are bead for my reacall! Anyway, had anyone wlse seen this? I'd also like
to find it again and try it.

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