How fine can you go?

From: Glyn Churchman (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 01:31:08 EEST

I wanted to pass this along for the RP community to comment on. It appeared
today on the model making list. I am guessing that it is not possible. If you
make the assumption that they are going to investment cast a metal part, would
anyone have any ideas? Here is the post:

Has anyone come across any new RP machines with build levels smaller that the
Sanders machine? The Sanders has a Build layer: 0.0005 in. An engineer came to
me with a upcoming project that will have small channels for a medical
instrument. Micro Fluid Dynamics is greatly affected by the steps left behind.
Believe it or not he is looking for one in the 5-10 microns. (This is where
you might be tempted to laugh)

Glyn Churchman@Prototech, Inc.

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