Re: How fine can you go?

Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 22:04:33 EEST


we have a prototype microstereolithography apparatus that is able to
achieve resolutions in the 5 - 10 um range (including layer thicknesses
in that order). There are still some geometrical restrictions for the
parts that can be made by that process but we would be happy to give it
a try.


Paul Bernhard
Managing Director

Glyn Churchman wrote:

> I wanted to pass this along for the RP community to comment on. It
> appeared today on the model making list. I am guessing that it is not
> possible. If you make the assumption that they are going to investment
> cast a metal part, would anyone have any ideas? Here is the post:
> Has anyone come across any new RP machines with build levels smaller
> that the Sanders machine? The Sanders has a Build layer: 0.0005 in.
> An engineer came to me with a upcoming project that will have small
> channels for a medical instrument. Micro Fluid Dynamics is greatly
> affected by the steps left behind. Believe it or not he is looking
> for one in the 5-10 microns. (This is where you might be tempted to
> laugh)
> Sincerely,
> Glyn Churchman@Prototech, Inc.

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