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had you asked me last week if i included keltool on the list, i would have
sworn that i did. i got a copy of the magazine yesterday, and of course i
had to read my own work- just to make sure it still made sense 2 months
later. i apparently didn't read closely enough, because i would still have
sworn this morning that keltool was there.

trust me when i say that i have nothing against keltool. just like all the
others that were on the list, i know it will work well "under the right
circumstances". that list wasn't meant to be a definitive catalog of
what's out there and what's good, but rather a string of examples.

i did work at dtm for several years, so i understand the battles you are
fighting- i certainly didn't mean to weigh in against you. hopefully you
won't put me on your black list just yet.

will pattison

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Hello Will,

FYI: I did a few searches on the Internet - even went through some RP-ML
archives and wasn't able to find your e-mail address or phone number (nor
did I find any for 4D Design). That's why I posted on the RP-ML.

The reason I wanted to catch up with you is because of your article in
Moldmaking Technology magazine. I read it with great interest. I
especially liked how you talked to moldmakers and told them that you "know
some things that might be of value to (their) business."

I do have an issue with your article; you left us out. 3D Keltool was not
mentioned anywhere. You mentioned P20 tooling and aluminum tooling and a
variety of other less-proven, promising technologies. But you did not
include us in your list.

Of all the rapid tooling technologies available, none has been as
commercially successful as 3D Keltool. Over the years, hundreds of
customers have purchased thousands of inserts which they've used to mold
many millions of parts.

In the two-plus years that 3D Systems has owned the technology, we've
improved the technology dramatically. Reliability, repeatability,
envelope size and yield have all been advanced. 3D Keltool inserts are
being ordered, produced and shipped on a daily basis and while this is
happening we are focusing on licensing the technology to companies wanting
to bring this advanced time-compression tooling solution in-house. Our
licensing of 3D Keltool proves that the technology works, it's repeatable,
and the technology is able to be successfully transferred to our licensees.

By the way, we have an R&D team working full-time on advancing 3D Keltool
and their successes are being shared with our licensees. We starting
licensing the technology less than a year ago and we have five worldwide
we're about to announce our sixth. Two of our licensees are in the United
States; Fusion Engineering in Rockford, IL and Rapid Tooling Technologies
St. Paul, MN.

Oh, when I did my search, your name came back with an e-mail address at
Did you work there before joining 4D Design? Also, does 4D Design have a
Web site? I haven't been able to locate one.

Thanks for writing the article Will. I just wish you had included 3D


Dan Feinberg

Director, 3D Keltool
36081 Avenue Hall
Valencia, CA 91355
E-mail: <>
Web site: <>
phone: 661-295-5600 x2281
fax: 661-257-5800

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