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Dear Rapid Dude:

This is Mike Shelley, editor, The Mold Maker's LINK (which was the first
non-association title for mold makers in North America.)
 I launched The LINK a couple years ago as newsletter cause I thought there
wasn't enough ad revenue out there to support a magazine in North America
for this audience.

The LINK's now a small, hybrid mag, easy to read and loaded with info.

The LINK has a good mold making circulation in Cda and the States and a
limited number of copies sent into Europe and Asia through a supplier with
international distributors.

I don't think Moldmaking Technology magazine has any distribution outside
of North America. Sorry don't have it's address on hand.

Modern Plastics, in order to regain revenue and prestige lost - big time -
to Injection Molding Magazine - launched last year a mold and tooling
supplement. It's included with Modern's International edition so if you are
in Europe, check out its web site.

There's also of course Injection Molding Magazine which has a design and a
tooling section. But IMM no longer has an international edition. However,
check out its web site.

And for what it's worth re long term future of these niche publications,
The LINK makes a bit of money; I suspect Modern is pouring large dollars
into its supplement - with heavy discount advertising - and I just don't
know about Moldmaking Technology. I think it has a financial backer with
deep pockets. As to IMM, well it's a financial success story as well but
did have to cancel its international edition.

Oh, before I forget, if you are in Europe, it's my understanding there are
a few mags for mold makers in Europe which seem to be quite healthy
according to the number of ads they carry.

There you be....

Mike Shelley, editor, The Mold Maker's LINK
346 - 599B Yonge Street, Toronto Cda M4Y 1Z4

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> Hi rp-list,
> We are starting to work with molds (for plastic) and RP. We already do
> projects and will construct the molds. We are looking for some GOOD
> technical magazines on these areas to subscribe. I've heard about
> Moldmaking Technology magazine. Could you indicate others and, please,
> me the contact (address or home page) of the magazines, including the
> Moldmaking Technology magazine?
> Thanks in advance,
> Leone

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