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<< Dear list,
                      I have a client who is interested in using a Rapid Tool
in a press. The tool size will be around 250x250x100mm (10x10x4" for our
friends in the US) and the force the tool will be subjected to is 1,400 tons.
 Does anyone know if Keltool or Rapidsteel will withstand this sort of load?
 Apart from machining, are there any other methods for creating a tool of
this size and strength?
  Best Regards,
        Kevin Liles
Hi my name is Bob Morton my Company is Fusion Engineering In Rockford Il. We
have in house 3D Keltool capability. But we also have available most of the
other processes available. In answer to your inquiry the 3D Keltool process
can withstand the pressures you are stating as long as its static pressure
(no shock) and it is distributed over the surface area. The size you have
stated is a little large for single inserts ( our limit is 8 x 6 x 4 ) but if
you can live with a joint somewhere in the part we could segment the inserts.
We don't recommend the process for stamping or forming of steel. Though we
can do Zinc diecast (aprox 50,000-100,000 shots) we don't recommend Aluminum
Diecast except for prototypes (500 shots max). If you are looking to build an
injection mold ( it's unclear from your posting). The I would recommend
making it from cast P20 steel (Shaw process). Its not as accurate as 3D
keltool and doesn't last quite as long but it is a sound proven process.
There is an excellent shop in Chicago "Sorcol" that can do your castings.
You can contact them directly or Email me and I can assist you. My company is
a large international moldmaking concern and yes of course we would love to
build a mold for you using whichever technology you desire.
Bob Morton

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