Europe's New RPM Centre now open!

From: ~ David J. Hood ~ (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 19:40:52 EEST

Just a short note to advise fellow list members that our new RPM Centre is open for commercial
business. The list members have helped in our research of the subject and enabled us to fit in the
remaining gaps in our knowledge, completed our portfolio, and to build up a network of like-minded
organisations and individuals.

To all list members who helped, I thank you all. For all who contributed, but were perhaps unaware
that they were as I read the posting, I thank you also.

The RPM Centre, far from being simply another "bureaux" takes RPandM processes, methods and
activities further, incorporating them with firm methods and techniques to develop the overall strategy
of the company and how it can achieve the goal of competitive advantage. The two Directors of the
company have studied the rp and m processes and have been instrumental in developing a strategic
business development practice for the past five years; in addition to this they have helped set up the
Chartered Institute of Marketing's Technology group, CIMTech International that is a trade organisation
specialising in the commercialisation of technology and the use of new technologies in marketing.

To see what the RPM Centre is all about :

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