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From: Todd Kohne (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 04:14:08 EEST

Dr. Efrum Fudim presented this technology, coined Design-Controlled
Automated Fabrication (DesCAF), at the National Conference on Rapid
Prototyping in Dayton, Ohio in 1990. If memory serves me, I believe this
conference had several presentations claiming the rights to "the first RP
technology." I thought the concept was worth pursuing, but was unable to
ever get samples fabricated.

Several innovations peeked my interest:
(please remember, SLA was still curing honeycomb structures full of resin
at the time)

1) I haven't see the article you mention, but the original concept used
conventional lamps to cure material (no lasers).

2) If LCD technology produced high enough resolution and power, it could
be used to replace the photo mask creation.

3) Advanced designs showed curing within a vat - eliminating
recoating/layer deposition (still a major factor in layer cycle time

4) Masks produced with +/- .00025 inch accuracy gave hope that parts may
hold that also.

5) Irradiation time of 10 seconds per layer for any size area.

Is the current article on-line? I am not a Machine Design subscriber.

- Todd Kohne

Jeff Smith wrote:

> In today's Machine Design issue there is a new? RP method from
> Light Scupting, Inc. called QL or Quick Layering. I was wondering if
> anyone had more information on it? Speeds and accuracies seem much
> better than normal SL, however the process looks very similar to
> Cubital's, except much more practical.... Does anyone have any
> experience with this technique and can you offer any insights as
> to advantages and disadvantages? The article is written by the
> president of Light Sculpting, so I think its alittle biased....
> I am also interested in information on the resins... They look pretty
> cheap.
> -Jeff Smith
> For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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