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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 12:06:17 EEST

>In today's Machine Design issue there is a new? RP method from
>Light Scupting, Inc. called QL or Quick Layering. I was wondering if
>anyone had more information on it? Speeds and accuracies seem much

    I haven't seen the article, but Light Sculpting was one of the first
companies to develop a technique of additive fabrication, dating back to the
1980s alongside 3D Systems. In fact, their process was first publicly
described in a cover story by the company's president, Efrim Fudim, in
Machine Design in 1986. The process has some very interesting advantages,
and has made some of the finest-resolution items I have ever seen come out
of a fabricator. Unfortunately, they have never managed to get off the
ground with a commercially successful machine, but they have been developing
a new machine and this article is probably its announcement. If you're in
the market for a fabricator (i.e., RP machine), I'd recommend giving them a
look, but be careful to satisfy yourself that the company will have the
staying power to continue to back up your machine.

    If you happen to have old copies of Rapid Prototyping Report lying
around, you can find an article I wrote about Light Sculpting in the Nov.
1993 issue. Their new machine of course introduces some new features since
then, but the fundamentals of the process are the same.

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