Re: High Temp Urethanes and Rotomolding

From: Glyn Churchman (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 01:01:59 EEST

As a urethane molder and prototyper, the highest temperature material I am aware of that
might be suitable for your rotomolding application would only be rated at 265F @ 66 psi.
Addition of some fillers could bring it up a bit but you are still far away from your 400F
requirement. An epoxy could possibly work, but might be too brittle for your
application. There are some exotic aerospace thermoset materials that have high temp
properties but they are very costly and semi to difficult to process. Rotomolding
thermosets can be done, but is part geometry driven and trickier to build up a uniform
thick wall. Not exactly the same as rotomolding thermoplastics.

Glyn@Prototech, Inc. wrote:

> All,
> I am interested in finding information on high temp urethane suppliers.
> Our company often designs enclosures for our products with limited (1000/yr
> and less) quantities. Due to high temperature requirements (~400F+), we
> currently use compression molded plastic and sheetmetal in our enclusures.
> The compression molding becomes cost prohibative as the enclosure size
> increases, and I thought that rotomolding a chemically curing material
> could be a possible solution.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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