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From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 18:10:19 EEST


I think that the people that does RE does as well RP (at least many of
them), in fact the ones that are
involved in RE does this with the maind to do later RTooling. So maybe we
should consider to create later a Rapid tooling list and a CAD list just
for the ones that does only modeling. This increasing numeros of list
will reduce the numbers of listers in each one, and this does affect the
richness of a list where many problems are solve under different point of

If you analyze our current list, is rather small or at least the number of
people that contribute to it.
There is still a lot of space in this list not just for RP but for RE and
RT topics in which the most of us are interested to hear about and to

However as Karl said if you want to create your own list because the RP is
not of interest for you, dont ask anybody (explorers does not ask which
track to follow they are making the track) get your self a server and
just doit, if there is people interested only in RE you will find what you
are after if not welcome back to this great forum.

best of luck

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