RPM Centre as Trade Name !!

From: Rafael Santillan (santillan@ciateq.mx)
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 01:28:06 EEST

Der David

I just browsed your site about the new RPM Centre in Scotland and found it
very interesting and wy not very promising as well for all you offer.
However at the bottom of your home page there is a sentence stating that
the RPM Centre is your Trade name ?
if me memory does not fail there are some other bussines SB and shops that
uses RPM so I found quite confusing that a normal sentence to define an
activity is now a Trade name ??

How is does it work of the Trade Names.. What does imply ? nobody else
can use it now ?
how can sombody get the right for sentence to be a trade name ?

can somebody explain me that with apples.. please ?

thanks in advance for lighting my ignorance ...

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