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I am sorry if this is being posted again - I am not sure it made it out the
first time. I apologise if it is a repeat



        Thanks for your input. I have so far recieved 14 yeas and 2 nays (including
this one) and one neutral (Karl Denton since he didnt say yes or no but
responded in a neutral fashon - atleast thats how I took it). I appreciate
all of you (on both sides of the aisle) for taking the time to let your
views known. Please keep the debate alive.

I will respond to Karl's and your email in one posting here.

First, I am not against RP. I will NOT stop reading RPML if there is RE-ML
since I have interest in both areas. So its not a matter of choosing one or
the other.

I understand the proliferation of mailing lists. Its much like Journals and
technical magazines. Its hard to read all of them and keep track of every
development. One has to strike a balance. Should CAD, Tooling, RP, RE,
Graphics, visualization, modeling, metrology, manufacturing, (and I can go
on) be part of the same list. Dont most of us do more than one element of
the list I mention above? So, Rafael, I dont find that argument compelling
enought to keep RP and RE together. Believe me I can argue the case from
either side - heck thats why I havent started one yet - curse of being an
academic I guess :)

 I have learnt and continue to learn a great deal from RP-ML. This should
not be seen as a rebellion against RP-ML. If there is RE-ML then some of the
postings may be even cross listed. Todays world is multi-diciplinary and
many of us are involved in projects that take us beyond our narrow foucii or
training. For example RP and Medical communities working together, Reverse
Engineering and Arnthropology and Archaeology and so on ... Therefore its a
fact of life that our quest of knowledge and learnig takes us to more than
one source.

To respond to Karl - I dont want to start something if there is no interest.
Its not a ideological/religious cult movement. This, like RP-ML should be
off the people, by the people and for the people. Some one at SME conference
suggested I monitor this list i.e. every posting be approved or moderated by
me and I struck that idea down. Who am I to censor people's views. Besides I
dont have that kind of time but even if I had all the time in the world, I
still wouldnt want to stifle a democratic list. Like RP-ML if you post some
thing inappropriate or offcolor people will regulate the list and let you

There is always room in any list but does it make sense to start a new one?
I will continue to accept people's views and debate the issues.

Thanks again.


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I think that the people that does RE does as well RP (at least many of
them), in fact the ones that are
involved in RE does this with the maind to do later RTooling. So maybe we
should consider to create later a Rapid tooling list and a CAD list just
for the ones that does only modeling. This increasing numeros of list
will reduce the numbers of listers in each one, and this does affect the
richness of a list where many problems are solve under different point of

If you analyze our current list, is rather small or at least the number of
people that contribute to it.
There is still a lot of space in this list not just for RP but for RE and
RT topics in which the most of us are interested to hear about and to

However as Karl said if you want to create your own list because the RP is
not of interest for you, dont ask anybody (explorers does not ask which
track to follow they are making the track) get your self a server and
just doit, if there is people interested only in RE you will find what you
are after if not welcome back to this great forum.

best of luck

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