Re: new approach to composite materials

From: Tobias Wasser (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 21:31:37 EEST

Hi List,

 as student back in germany I had the chance to attend a lecture from a
researching engineer from Daimler Benz. The subject of this lecture was
the use of natural fibers in car components, mainly the interieur, but
there have been also application-tries on bumpers and similiar parts. In
the now Daimler-Chrysler Research facility in Ulm, Germany, there has been
a lot of developement in this direction.
The lecture by the way was back in 1996. At that time it didn't really
surprise me that Daimler was giving this lecture, cause of beeing the only
car-producer running a complete and some what independent research
facility, which is not part of the engineering departements.
The main problems at that time were the wide spread of quality-flux in the
natural fibers.
I wonder if the other's like Ford only picked up now or if the ideas are
really ready for bigtime production, which I would assume out of the mail
earlier today.

Your's Tobi

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