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Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 20:33:50 EEST

Ah yes, what we referred to as the split wall problem. I've never seen it as bad as the pic you sent. Ours just showed up as a soft, undersintered whitish area between the walls. It has to do with "laser on" and "laser off" timing settings in the part profile. I believe it might also be solvable with the newer M3 galvonometers. (I would like to know if you have the newer galvos in which case it blows that theory... how old is your machine?) We were able to reduce the problem significantly by changing the "laser off" parameter, however, I can't recall the exact setting. I'll find out when I get out to the lab and report back.
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> Hi,
> Last week I encountered a strange phenomen while sintering a nylon
> part on our DTM sinterstation:
> Some details were not fully sintered but only sintered at the border.
> The part is sintered in glass filled nylon using only a hatching scan
> (without outline). This phenomen only occured when the detail was
> relatively small (ca.1mm) and was orientated perpendicular to the
> scanning direction. I checked the stl-file and all the build and part
> parameters but it all looks ok to me.
> You can find a picture of this part on the net:
> Has anyone else on the list ever seen a similar phenomen?
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