Pictures from 3DNASUG

From: Beth P Israelnaim (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 16:10:42 EEST

I have placed 3 groups of photos taken at the recent 3D NASUG conference in Orlando on the ftp site at Eagle Design. They are grouped as follows: Saturday Golf, Vendor Fair, and Kennedy Space Center/Excellence Awards. They are in 3 separate zipped files. You can access Eagle Design's FTP site by using the following instructions:

FTP address:
Login: anonymous
Password: your email address

Change directories to pictures: cd pictures

and then get the file(s) you want.

A big thank you to Thomas Pang of Ciba for taking the pictures and to Jeff Kunkle and Bruce Okkema of Eagle Design & Technology, Inc. for letting us use their FTP site for a couple of weeks.


Beth Israelnaim
Becton Dickinson Technologies
(919) 990-2153

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