Announce: SolidView special offers end June 30, 1999.

From: Tom Vorgitch (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 19:58:09 EEST

Two special SolidView offers end June 30, 1999. These two
offers are:
1) SolidView 2.x to 3.2 upgrade
2) 3D Systems Stereolithography User Group Promotion

SolidView 2.x to 3.2 Upgrade
        You can upgrade any single-computer SolidView
        2.x license to SolidView 3.2 for only $198.
        Network licenses can be upgraded for $396 per license.
        After June 30, 1999 you must purchase a new SolidView
        license if you wish to use SolidView 3.2 or any later
        release. All SolidView 3.2 customers will receive a
        FREE upgrade to SolidView 3.3 later this month.
        Upgrading from SolidView 2.x to 3.2 adds many new
        features, including 2D view and markup and enhanced

        For more details on the new features, please see:
        To protect your investment and upgrade to the
        latest version of SolidView, please call
        1-888-SOLIDVU or 1-661-257-9300 or see:

3D Systems Stereolithography User Group Promotion
        As a special promotion announced during the 1999
        3D Systems Stereolithography User Group Meeting,
        we are offering special pricing on network licenses of
        SolidView/RP Master with Bridgeworks and
        SolidView/RP Master with Bridgeworks and IGES.
        With this version of SolidView you can prepare and repair
        STL files for rapid prototyping on 3D Systems' SLA equipment.

        For details on this promotion, see:

        To order, please call 1-888-SOLIDVU or 1-661-257-9300
        or see:

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