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Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 23:29:58 EEST


We have tried everything from smoke to positive air pressure under a liquid
and none seem to work all that well. I'd use a combination of methods
starting with about 5lbs of positive pressure along with a stethoscope. If
you cannot find the holes using this method then on a thoroughly cured
pattern ( in the box for 5 to 6 hours) use the positive pressure and
submerse the pattern in water ONLY WITH POSITIVE PRESSURE APPLIED. You will
find the hole(s) via visual and then with air still being applied remove the
part from the water, wipe off the part, mark the are of concern with a
marker and then remove the air. These two methods seem to work best for the
parts that we do (small jet engine type parts).

I hope this helps

Karl Denton
Senior Engineer
Stereolithography and Prototyping
Casting Operations
Williams International

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        What methods/equipment/techniques are available (and tested) to
        QuickCastTM patterns for leaks? I have found a smoke machine at
        "" that has been developed for
        automotive industry to find vacuum leaks. Has anyone ever used one
of these
        for testing QuickCastTM patterns? Does the non-toxic, (vegetable?)
oil based
        smoke cause the QuickCastTM parts to soften or swell? Are there any
        related problems associated with it's use? ....etc.....etc.....

        Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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