Re: Investment Casting

From: Tom Richards (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 21:57:07 EEST

The material of construction of patterns built by the Sanders RP machines is
fully compatable with our investment casting processes.

At 02:00 PM 6/3/99 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi Tom,
>This is Jimmy Yip writing from Singapore. We have met during the SME 99
>conference. I was hoping if you could help by providing me some
>information regarding investment casting using part generated from Sanders
>MM II. In our conversation you mention that you've casted parts from the
>MMPRO6 machine. When I check my material data sheet on the Proto-Base, I
>realised that there are contents of Chloride and Flourine. I don't think
>these material are suitable to be burnt off, are they?
>Your Feed back is greatly appreciated.
>Thank you for your kind attention.
>Jimmy Yip
>Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology
>Development Division / Rapid Tooling Development Centre
>71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075
>Fax: (65) 7925362
>Tel: (65) 7938518/7938960

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