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From: Nick Osborn (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 10:35:46 EEST

Dear MC

We may be able to help you using the LIPTOOL Rapid Tooling process.

This process requires a physical master pattern as a starting point (e.g. your SLA model) - the LIPTOOL material is poured over this in stages to form the injection mould inserts. Quantities in ABS are 5,000+, so 300 off is no problem. More details are available on our web-site if required.

PUs are fine for initial form and fit evaluation / appearance models, but if you need to do functional testing then obviously you need the exact grade of intended production material i.e. ABS (flame retardent grade, for example). This way you replace opinions with facts at the earliest possible stage, reducing the risk traditionally associated with production tooling and giving your customer increased confidence in your design.

If you could incorporate the ABS material shrinkage compensation into your SLA prototype then you could benefit from a "pay once, use twice" scenario - use it for initial design evaluation first then (incorporating minor modifications if necessary) use as a master pattern for the LIPTOOL process.

We will be happy to provide a quotation for you - please supply zipped binary stl files or contact me direct for further information.

Whichever route you decide to take I hope your design is successful.



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>>> "M.C. MOOLMAN" <> 03/06/99 14:15:17 >>>
Dear RP-ML'ers

I need a few suggestions and contacts. I am doing a development for a medical company that needs 200-300 working prototypes within 2 months. Dimensions are 500x500x200 mm (20x20x8 inches) and consists of a 2 part housing and 4 other components. The end product will be in ABS.

I will have a SLA grown as first off prototype.

Do I go soft tooling and PU casting or RT?

Who can I contact for info, quotes, advice?


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