CAD work stations

From: Steven Pollack (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 16:12:44 EEST

I would like to get feedback on what computer hardware all of you use to run
CAD. I am running FormZ on a 233PentiumII with 128megs RAM but I am finding
that I quickly create files which exceed the computers ability to allocate
memory to the task or that simple Boolean operations take upwards of 1/2

So as I consider upgrading, I wonder if the current 450mhz to 550 mhz, while
twice the speed, will also give me similiar problems. I have been given
advice that Apple's G3 is infinitely better suited for graphics applications
such as CAD and that is the direction I am leaning. I just cannot believe
that designing a piece of jewelry takes up so much more memory than the
complex machinery some of you are designing.

I do, however, want to evaluate all my options so if some of you who are CAD
users can send me a short note about what you use, approximate cost, and how
well it works for you, I would appreciate it.

Steven Pollack

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