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Subject: CAD work stations

>I would like to get feedback on what computer hardware all of you use to
>CAD. I am running FormZ on a 233PentiumII with 128megs RAM but I am
>that I quickly create files which exceed the computers ability to allocate
>memory to the task or that simple Boolean operations take upwards of 1/2
>So as I consider upgrading, I wonder if the current 450mhz to 550 mhz,
>twice the speed, will also give me similiar problems. I have been given
>advice that Apple's G3 is infinitely better suited for graphics
>such as CAD and that is the direction I am leaning. I just cannot believe
>that designing a piece of jewelry takes up so much more memory than the
>complex machinery some of you are designing.
>I do, however, want to evaluate all my options so if some of you who are
>users can send me a short note about what you use, approximate cost, and
>well it works for you, I would appreciate it.
>Steven Pollack
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Steve: I have to agree that Form Z on 233mhz has got to be trying your
patience. The new G3's from Apple are breaking the 450mhz range, which would
be roughly equal to 600mhz P3, if you could buy one. You would also have to
buy a good graphics card to spped things up.
BTW, I'm doing JewelCad on a 450mhz PII, with 128megs of ram. I can still
bog this computer down with some of my more complex designs! I think our
next investment will be a new video card that is designed for CAD rendering.
I get tired of waiting for the fully rendered views, so you should also
consider the graphics card's power to be as important as the computer
itself. BTW- anyone have a recommendation for a good PC graphics card that
can handle CAD and renderings with some resemblance of speed?

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