end-life criterion for SL inserts - Humorous response

From: Joe Allison (Joe@SolidConcepts.com)
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 21:10:31 EEST

Sorry, it's Friday. Although it is a legitimately good question, and I am
also interested in some of the serious responses, only humorous answers came
to mind when I read this.

>Dear people,
>I'm looking for a end life criterion for stereolithography
>injection moulding inserts. How can I characterize the
>end-life? Any suggestions? Does anyone know something?

1. When the insert fractures into a million pieces.
2. When the out gasing from the insert actually ignites.
3. When the protruding cores start to droop.
4. When all of the protruding cores eject with the part.
5. When the flash exceeds 1 mm (usually the first part).
6. When clamp tonage reduces the insert thickness to less than the flash

I am sure there are others out there who could share some even funnier
experiences. Some are probably too true to laugh about.

Just one more thing, the above usually occurs just when you reach the
temperatures and pressures necessary to fill and pack the mold.

To anyone how doesn't see any humor in this, all I can say is - "you had to
be there".

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