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Joe: Well said! That's why we simply precision cast the molds in a most
suitable alloy, like H13 or 20C or A356.

At 11:10 AM 6/4/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Sorry, it's Friday. Although it is a legitimately good question, and I am
>also interested in some of the serious responses, only humorous answers came
>to mind when I read this.
>>Dear people,
>>I'm looking for a end life criterion for stereolithography
>>injection moulding inserts. How can I characterize the
>>end-life? Any suggestions? Does anyone know something?
>1. When the insert fractures into a million pieces.
>2. When the out gasing from the insert actually ignites.
>3. When the protruding cores start to droop.
>4. When all of the protruding cores eject with the part.
>5. When the flash exceeds 1 mm (usually the first part).
>6. When clamp tonage reduces the insert thickness to less than the flash
>I am sure there are others out there who could share some even funnier
>experiences. Some are probably too true to laugh about.
>Just one more thing, the above usually occurs just when you reach the
>temperatures and pressures necessary to fill and pack the mold.
>To anyone how doesn't see any humor in this, all I can say is - "you had to
>be there".
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