Intrernational conference in Japan

Date: Sun Jun 06 1999 - 01:06:20 EEST

  Dear Members,

  RP research committee (Chairman is Prof. Nakagawa) in the Japan Society
  of Die and Mold Technology has been doing the domestic symposium 2 times
  in a years. Japan is the one of big market and used so many varieties of
  machines. And so many user example and research work etc. were presented
  in that symposium.
     Then, Japanese will present the international conference in Tokyo
  during June 23,24 in 2000.
  If you have some interest about Japanese RP technology, and present your
  research work, you had better check the RPJP homepage about call for
  paper (

  We will present detail further.

  Best regards,

  Imamura (shadow)

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