RE: wanted to know some file transfer problem

From: Giorgos Hatzilias (
Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 15:20:37 EEST

We've had similar problems in the past, although we're building straight of
the sml using FDMCOM. The stopped parts seemed to always be attributed to an
overlooked open cross section. Look for layers that appear yellow in
Quickslice, these usually have one or more discontinuities in the cross
section. To try to avoid this problem, just pay attention to the message
readout in the quickslice window, it should warn about some discontious or
open slices or something like that. Hope that helps.

George Hatzilias
RPMI, Georgia Tech

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Subject: wanted to know some file transfer problem

hello rpt users
here we at IISc use some conversion to send file to FDM hardware.
i,e converting the sml file to some SS_PC.PC format and afterwards
we transfer to a pc from where it is printed to the machine(FDM).
but we saw that the part is stopping at some point .it is happening
to some parts, but some parts come out well.i am in dellimma to know
what exactly the reason is.
is this 1)the something going wrong in conversion from sml file
to SS_PC.PC .
2)OR anyother problem
please would anyone help me in this process to know exactly what the
reason is.

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