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Press Release May 27, 1999

Louisville, KY - ENCOR Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has
purchased the assets and retained the employees of Compression, Inc.'s
product development facility in Eau Claire, WI.

ENCOR is an injection molding firm with approximately 125 employees in
Poteau, OK that specializes in value added applications such as insert
molding, overlay molding and assemblies for the telecommunications and
consumer goods markets. The Eau Claire facility that ENCOR has purchased
has approximately 45 employees and provides an integrated suite of product
development services target to support the injection molding industry:
Mechanical Engineering, CAD Modeling (Pro-E and SDRC Ideas), SLA (Rigid and
Flexible Resins), SLS (Natural and Glass Filled Resins), RTV / Cast Urethane
Models (Custom Color Match Capability), Prototype Tooling, Production
Tooling, Low to Mid Volume injection Molding, Metrology Laboratory and Full
Service Project Management.

According to Bob Leasure, ENCOR'S CEO, "The combined operations will enable
ENCOR to add substantial value to our customers and prospective customers by
providing component solutions that are integrated from mechanical design and
engineering through rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, production and

The purchase of Compression's Wisconsin facility brings ENCOR full circle
since it was ENCOR that started Compression 6 years ago. According to Mr..
Leasure, "the purpose in starting Compression was to enable ENCOR to offer
its injection molding customers an integrated solution for their plastic
component needs". The Compression division grew rapidly and ENCOR spun it
out into a separate company in order to meet separate financing
requirements. Now with the purchase of the Eau Claire facility, ENCOR is
building upon its original strategy of providing its customers with
integrated component solutions.

As to the future, Mr. Leasure said the focus will be on building the
business with an emphasis on execution and pleasing customers. "Our goal is
to consistently delight our customers by providing integrated component
solutions that exceed their expectations in the areas of quality, timeliness
and service. We plan to develop long term win-win relationships with
dynamic companies who are looking for a single world class solution to their
plastic component requirements".

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