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<< Need some information on bonding together 5510 parts together. On 5170
parts we use SL5149 and a EFOS 100ss Plus System and had very good results.
Can this be used for the 5510 parts also? >>
The problem with those kinds of systems is when the joint is too wide, the
interior part never really gets kicked. As a bonding agent par excellance, we
use Devcon Plastic Welder. Available from Grainger or in some cases your
local Wal-Mart. It forms a bond so stout the part will break before the bond
does. Sets in around 10 minutes, and is hard as heck in about an hour. You
have time to scrape the excess off the outside of the joint for about 10
minutes or so after is sets.
Andy Scott
Lockheed Martin Aero Systems

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