Re: Is there any books or material related to Scanning Path Planning?

From: Alain BERNARD (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 12:51:21 EEST

Dear Jung-Hwa Lee

we are working in this field of application. I think that 3D Scanner and
Hymark have done such works, but I am looking to improve strategies for
automatic process scanning generation.

Best Regards,


A 11:53 09/06/99 +0900, vous avez crit :
>Dear RP guys
>I'm currently involve with 3D Laser Scanner manufactured by LDI. inc.
>I've had a few chance to work with CMM which need good path planning to
>avoid redundancy and collision. I think 3D scanner is little different but
>I think it need intelligent strategy to represent the object with small
time and
>relatively small data. I'm trying to practice with complex or curved
object to
>get some insight.
>I will be really helpful to let me know some tip or hint, book, handout,
>related to with this kind of topic.
>Anything touch 3D scanning and modeling.
>Thanks in advance
>Best regard
>Jung-Hwa Lee
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