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Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 17:26:16 EEST

Hello Ellis,

You need to look at PolyWorks. PolyWorks is targeted at Rapid Prototyping
and Rapid Tooling engineers and technicians who use 3D digitizing
technologies in their everyday work. InnovMetric Software is committed to
work closely with its customers and partners to constantly improve the 3D
digitizing process in order to reach new heights in productivity.

PolyWorks is the leading software solution providing a comprehensive set of
tools for rapidly processing 3D digitizer data for Rapid Prototyping,
Reverse Engineering, and Inspection applications:

Rapidly create high-precision polygonal models of simple to very complex
Rapidly and easily fit Bezier curves and surfaces for your reverse
engineering needs.
Rapidly verify the accuracy of physical prototypes compared to their CAD

PolyWorks' highly automated tools have enabled manufacturers and service
bureaus to dramatically increase their productivity. PolyWorks creates 3D
models in standard industry formats for use in all commercially available
CAD/CAM software packages.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

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A complete solution for advanced digitizing applications is here:
 Check out POLYWORKS at:

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Subject: How good is Imageware Surfacer

Hello All RP-ML people

I was wondering if any imageware Surfacer users are having any problems with
their product and support? We are finding that all users we have spoken with
never get a response to their enquiries and problems. We many be looking to
invest in the field of RE and need to know whether we are likely to find
Imageware to be a major problem.

Also if you use Imageware, does it meet your requirements? It appears to be
very comprehensive but do the functions work ok?

Any information that helps us to make our decision would be much

Best Regards

Ellis Mackay
Mackay Design Solutions

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