RE: How good is Imageware Surfacer

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 20:12:56 EEST

Hello Ellis

We have been using Imageware for over three years now. I use RPM for
virtually every setup and build through our DTM Sinterstations. I also have
some of the other "high-end" packages, but keep reverting back to Imageware.
We struggled with Imageware in the beginning and required quite a bit of
support. To their credit, the folks at Imageware were very helpful with our
requests for assistance. This is not a very intuitive package to use. If you
have not attended the formal training classes at their facility, I would
strongly recommend it. I my opinion, it is the strongest package, with
Materialise in a very close second for the work we are doing. This of course
will be different for everybody depending on their needs. In our work I have
not found one package that accomplishes everything we want.

If this all sounds too rosy, keep reading... It drives me nuts sometimes. I
am using a 200 MHz Pentium Pro with 128 Mb of RAM...seriously outdated for
this day and age...but it still works fine for the most part. The software
will has from the beginning and still does with the latest
revision. I have used the Unix version and the NT version (current) and this
has been a way of life, especially when attempting large boolean or repair
functions. The latest version (9.0A) seems to have gone backward with some
of the most common functions requiring more steps than before...(are you
listening Imageware?). By the way, I purchased Magics RP this last year, and
was disappointed to find out that the package is seriously limited without
spending the money for all the "options".

Roger Spielman
Rocketdyne Power & Propulsion
The Boeing Co.

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> Subject: How good is Imageware Surfacer
> Hello All RP-ML people
> I was wondering if any imageware Surfacer users are having any problems
> with
> their product and support? We are finding that all users we have spoken
> with
> never get a response to their enquiries and problems. We many be looking
> to
> invest in the field of RE and need to know whether we are likely to find
> Imageware to be a major problem.
> Also if you use Imageware, does it meet your requirements? It appears to
> be
> very comprehensive but do the functions work ok?
> Any information that helps us to make our decision would be much
> appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Ellis Mackay
> Mackay Design Solutions

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