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From: James P. Harrison (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 15:36:22 EEST


We use SL5149 to bond 5510 parts together. It works great.


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><TITLE>5510 resin</TITLE>
><P><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">Hello,</FONT>
><P><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">Need some information on bonding =
>together 5510 parts together. On 5170 parts we use SL5149 and a EFOS =
>100ss Plus System and had very good results. Can this be used for the
>5510 parts also? Thanks in advance.</FONT></P>
><P><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">Joseph W. Jordan</FONT>
><BR><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">SLA Technician</FONT>
><BR><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">Coastal Systems Station, USN</FONT>
><BR><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">ph. 850-235-5984</FONT>
><BR><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">fax 850-234-4567</FONT>
><BR><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial"></FONT>
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