RE: How good is Imageware Surfacer

From: Jim Williams (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 01:48:03 EEST

Imagewear Surfacer does what it is suppose to do... We've done several
programs very successfully since 1996.... It is not auto-magic...
Experience, patience and determination will yield a quality surfaced
model... Of greater importance is high quality XYZ collection.... Just
enough to define the form and detail.... Laser systems tend to yeild to
much unmanageable data... Our success has been with contact scanning not
laser... Investigate the scan system very carefully... That's the
key.... hope this helps!

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Subject: How good is Imageware Surfacer

Hello All RP-ML people

I was wondering if any imageware Surfacer users are having any problems
their product and support? We are finding that all users we have spoken
never get a response to their enquiries and problems. We many be looking
invest in the field of RE and need to know whether we are likely to find

Imageware to be a major problem.

Also if you use Imageware, does it meet your requirements? It appears to
very comprehensive but do the functions work ok?

Any information that helps us to make our decision would be much

Best Regards

Ellis Mackay
Mackay Design Solutions

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