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From: Jim Williams (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 02:04:32 EEST

Hello Glyn,

If your interested in a new RP material which burns clean, SLS RP
process has recently received high marks from casters using CastForm PS.
If you need multiples of parts this RP process does not require tooling
as is typical of normal investment casting practices. Also since there
are no air voids or support structures like its near competitor (SLA
Quick Cast process) it is faster to turnover castings and may prove to
be more cost effective. Give me a call for additional information.

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Subject: urethanes for investment casting

Has anyone used urethanes for investment casting parts, i.e., they will
be burnt out of
the investment? Do any burn out cleanly?
Any problems associated with cracking of the investment or other

Glyn@Prototech, Inc.

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