Press Release: SICAM Becomes First Service Bureau to Commercialize MCP Systems' VaCAT Rapid Tooling

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Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 18:27:23 EEST

SICAM Becomes First Service Bureau to Commercialize

MCP Systemsí VaC.A.T.ô Rapid Tooling

May 25, 1999: SICAM, a leading provider of engineering and rapid prototyping services, announces commercialization of MCP Systemsí VaC.A.T. Rapid Tooling System. This patent pending tooling system gives engineers and designers the option of producing rapid production prototypes in thermoplastic material in 13-15 days.

Based on the cornerstones of SICAMís business, SLA rapid models and VCM rapid prototypes, the VaC.A.T. process expands SICAMís services further into the pre-production world. The VaC.A.T. process produces a rapid composite tool of over 80% aluminum. The tooling can produce production prototype parts in materials including ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, polypropylene and other thermoplastic materials.

According to MCPís Operations Manager, Michael Torres, VaC.A.T. tools have remarkable mechanical and thermal properties, making them suitable for use with many high temperature materials. The high thermal conductivity permits the VaC.A.T. rapid tools to be run with typical production cycles. The closer the cycle runs to all production parameters, the more representative the production prototype is to a production part.

While the number of injection molded parts may vary by part configuration, part size, and actual material molded, on average, the tooling can produce between 300-500 parts. Mr. Torres states that, "Over 1,500 parts of the 3D microphone application were molded in several different engineered polymers at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell" (see photo).

Another advantage of the VaC.A.T. tooling system is the reduction of cost and time. Pete Sayki, President of SICAM, claims the cost of a VaC.A.T. tool can be as much as 70% lower than traditional machined aluminum tooling and can be produced in one-third of the time. Michael Wells, President of MCP Systems, adds "The interest in the VaC.A.T. System has been truly exciting. This approach to rapid tooling is enabling new products to be developed in the final material of choice, in a fraction of the time and cost once thought unattainable".

MCP Systems in Fairfield, Connecticut, supplies vacuum casting equipment and materials to rapid prototyping service bureaus and corporate in-house prototyping centers. MCP specialized in VaCastš technology as the optimum means of producing high quality prototypes in multiple quantities. The company is the U.S. link to the worldwide expertise and capabilities of the MCP Group based in Europe.

SICAM, a Somerville, New Jersey based company and a pioneer in the Rapid Prototyping Industry, provides a full range of rapid prototyping and engineering services to clients throughout the U.S. and International. SICAM is the forerunner in developing advanced methods for producing rapid Stereolithography models, rapid functional prototypes and rapid tooling. SICAMís in-house expertise assists clients from concept design through production.

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