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Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 18:54:41 EEST

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PERA is an SLA350 with SL5190 resin user:

A comparison time for the same part built in ACES and then QuickCast one
after the other so that there was little difference between laser power of
the two builds was 14 hours for the ACES part and 12 hours for the QuickCast

The QuickCast does take a little longer to clean up and it is normal for us
to coat the model with paint primer for the reason that surface detail is
difficult to see compared with a solid model and as a barrier to the higher
rate of moisture absorption of QuickCast parts.

So we rarely use QuickCast build to save on resin and laser time costs.

But we did on a Big Mother_of_a_ build of a full size Bust of a human head.

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