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Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 23:57:03 EEST

At Prototech, we have done the type of automotive parts you are referring to as well as
interior panels for the space shuttle trainers and aircraft. The method we employ is to
rough or final machine a tooling board master and have a thin wall aluminum casting made.
Then, depending on whether you have done the final machining on the pattern (before it
goes to the foundry) or not, you just have to do a little final drilling and mounting work
and you are ready to go or you take a final light cut on the tool to create, perhaps, a
higher tolerance tool.
We have also run proof parts on the tooling board masters before they go to the foundry to
see if there are any problems with the design or the tool before we commit to the aluminum

If we can be of assistance please contact us.

Glyn@Prototech, Inc.

Pedro Garayo wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I would like to know what are the possibilities for developing big car
> interior trimming parts, such as package trays, door panels, etc. I am
> only thinking about thermoforming parts and rapidly manufacturing the
> aluminum mould. I am looking for businesses or service bureaux who are
> able to deal with these type of parts.
> At my place we already use CNC milling machines and high speed cutting,
> but we still need to shorten the lead time, specially in the prototype
> phase.
> Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you.
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