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From: Brent Hickel (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 16:48:41 EEST

What type of parts do you plan to reverse engineer? What do you use to
dimension the parts - laser scanning, CGI scanning, CMM, Optical, etc. We
use surfacer for freeform shapes scanned using laser, CGI or Steinbichler
and it works well for these. Parametric shapes are best modeled using a CAD
package, though Surfacer is necessary for handling the point data. We
dimension the point data using a package called Spec.Check from CGI which
allows full dimensioning from Scanned data. We then use these dimensions to
develop a parametric model using CAD software. A suite of tools seems to be
the best approach.


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Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 6:14 AM
Subject: Surfacer vs IcemSurf

>We are considering the purchase of a software for Reverse Engineering.
>We have seen IcemSurf and we think it can work great, but we hear all
>the time many good things about Surfacer (although we still haven't got
>the chance of a demo). Does anyone out there worked with both of them?
>Thanks in advance,
>Ana Bataller Bautista
>Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia
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