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Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 00:20:26 EEST

great, just what we need- a rapid tooling advertising war. i hate to be
negative, but you guys- and lots of others- need to go back and review the
history of rapid prototyping. can anyone say "over selling"?? sure,
"many" molds can be made in "many" ways for "many" parts run in "many"
materials "many" times cheaper and "many" times faster than ever......but
remember 5 years ago when you could buy an sla-fdm-lom-sls machine to "make
prototypes overnight to within +/- 0.005" at the touch of a button"?

take a hint, guys. when was the last time you saw dtm or 3d advertise like
that? not that it's never true, it's just not true as regularly as the
marketing wizards of the day would have had us believe. not that these
processes aren't useful and amazing, it's just that like any tool, they
must be used wisely and with realistic expectations in order to be
effective. i'm thrilled to see that even as rp equipment and materials
have improved, that the sales pitch has actually toned down. i just wish
the rapid tooling market would follow suit.

now, if you want to throw a case study up for discussion, that would be
useful. tell us how many slides or lifters the tool had. what texture?
 did you have to use moldtech or just edm? how many hours in the cnc? can
you really substitute p20 and still maintain your feeds and speeds? any
complicated ejector requirements? what material was that again? how did
you manage mold tweaks? etc. etc.

ok, flame away, but i'll be on vacation for the next week. ;)

will pattison
product development dude
austin, tejas, usa

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--Many-- machined prototype tools can be manufactured in 13-15 days or
less. These molds can be used to produce thousands of highy quality, highly
precise parts out of the production intent material or other engineering
grade resins such as nylon, polycarbonate and PPS for testing and
 In fact, P-20 steel can often be substituted for longer tool life.

Furthermore, we have even produced various hardened, S-7/tool steel,
multicavity production tooling in 28 days.

Say hooray for the weekend!

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