Re: Surfacer vs IcemSurf vs....what works best for you use IT!!!

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Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 11:25:59 EEST

Dear folks of the RE community,

it doesn't matter which is the best...relatively can
there be the best when there could not be!!! ponder hard and you will

Surfacer has various point cloud seeking functions like edges,
boundaries....but i do agree in some aspects of surface
will be beneficial to know how to do UV-curve networked surfaces....or even
lofting surfaces.....and these are the two more commonly used methods. if
you really want free form...try Fit with cloud and curve then.

Surfacer is all about processing the cloud first....once you know how the
point cloud looks like know the boundaries and changes in
profile....surfacing will be very took me only a couple of hours
to complete an arm.

although i agree Surfacer may not be the best among the i have
said there could not be any best among them....the successful use of the
software depends on :-

1) the vendor support in helping newly acquired customers to use Surfacer

2) the technical knowledge of the vendor and customers

3) how is the software taught to the customers....and i do find that
Imageware should look at how Rhino 3D manages and publishes its
manual...then more customers will easily understand Surfacer with long term

it is of no use arguing over the net...which is the best based on
individual point of view....if i am to argue all will be
surprised that even the cheapest Rhino 3D can easily do reverse engineering
with only points and curves...just like Surfacer Fit with cloud and curves.
hence, any Imageware guys reading this mail should get their copy and look
at the following two functions they have :-

a) lofting....Rhino can loft with point and curves

b) Surface | Patch ......Rhino can patch up a surface with curves and
points.....but the points will either become the surface knots or control
points making the surface quite expensive if you use a lot of
points...actually this is only meant for digitisers like MicroScribe

it is more important to learn the ropes from one another i learn
from Alias and apply it in Surfacer.
and if you really want to go for the best....i think go for the best that
you can afford.

and finally, i think such arguement should stop and turn towards more
constructive discussions like how can i use Surfacer and Rhino together or
what i can learn from Paraform and us it elsewhere.

joseph sim

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