Re: Pros/Cons of SL5510 vs. SL5195 resin

Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 17:29:36 EEST

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<< Looking at switching from SL5195 Ciba resin to SL5510 for use in a SLA-5000
 Looking for feedback from users, pros/cons, etc. Any help would be
 Glenn Whiteside
We switched over to SL5510 about 6 months ago. I would never trade back, the
stuff is great. We get faster builds with much better sidewall quality and
the parts don't warp from humidity. As you know we mostly use our SLA for
making SLA cavity masters for our 3DKeltool process so accuracy is our
biggest concern. SL5510 appears to be even more accurate than the SL5190 that
we replaced. We chose the SL5510 over the Dupont 8000 series resin, both of
which we investigated pretty well. We also do alot of small medical SLA, and
toy masters type stuff and SL5510 gives us really accurate detail.
Good luck
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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