Re: Pros/Cons of SL5510 vs. SL5195 resin

From: James P. Harrison (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 19:42:28 EEST

Hi Glenn,

My experience with SL5510 compared to SL5180:

1. Nice side walls (tight as a Hen's ass)
2. much more brittle (breaking supports off, instead of cutting, will
chip part)
3. Great for Quickcast - drains very well
4. Most important - Needs more supports than SL5180, much like the
old acrylates.


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On Tue, 15 Jun 1999 23:38:34 -0500 "SiderWhite"
<> writes:
>Dear rp-ml:
>Looking at switching from SL5195 Ciba resin to SL5510 for use in a
>Looking for feedback from users, pros/cons, etc. Any help would be
>Glenn Whiteside
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