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        We have used many of those 2 part 5 minute epoxies and had great
success. In fact with clear ones, after you have sanded and sandblasted it
hardly noticable. You can get it from any Wal-Mart or a hardware store. Here
are some past posts for you as well. Good luck!


As a bonding agent par excellance, we use Devcon Plastic Welder. Available from
Grainger or in some cases your local Wal-Mart. It forms a bond so stout the
part will break before the bond does. Sets in around 10 minutes, and is hard as
heck in about an hour. You have time to scrape the excess off the outside of
the joint for about 10 minutes or so after is sets.
Andy Scott
Lockheed Martin Aero Systems


A new hybrid cyanoacrylate from Loctite combines the advantages of
light-curing and instant adhesives. It overcomes many of the limitations of
light-curing and cyanoacrylate technologies, and offers fixture and cure
times of less than 5 seconds when exposed to low or medium-intensity light
sources. It cures tack-free without the use of potentially dangerous
accelerators. The adhesive has a secondary moisture-cure mechanism that
allows it to cure completely in shadowed areas where light can't reach.
Loctite has two versions currently available: 4302 is a low-viscosity
version for close-fitting parts and 4303 is a medium-viscosity adhesive that
fills larger gaps. Both are said to be ideal for medical device assembly
and general industrial applications.

Glenn Whiteside


I have recently read some of the requests for an adhesive that will fix broken
SLA parts, and I would like to recommend Loctite 3107. Loctite 3107 can be
applied to the SLA part, then placed in the PCA for ~15 min, and the part
be fixed. Since we are not a service bureau, we do not have tons of experience
using it, but it works well (as far as we can tell) with Quickcast and solid

Loctite can be found at general stores such as Wal-mart, Sears, Target, Home
Depot, etc. Further information about this and other products can be found at
their web site:

It was there that I found the following information about Loctite 3107:

"New Loctite 3107 is a single-component, UV or visible light curable adhesive
which cures rapidly to form flexible, transparent bonds on difficult-to-bond
substrates. Designed for use on highly plasticized PVC, polyester,
thermoplastics such as polycarbonate and ABS, and other materials, Loctite 3107
is highly flexible when cured, allowing the adhesive joint to bear significant
loads and resist shocks. Loctite 3107 cures completely in seconds and responds
well to varying intensity light sources (low, medium or high). The UV or
light cure adhesive offers excellent environmental resistance."

Their web site also has foreign distributors listed as well. A small tube
6 mL or .2 fl. oz.) will cost less than $10.

Hope this information helps!

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