RE: STL Files from a Stack of 2D Slice Files

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Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 13:20:02 EEST

Dear Mr. Hastbacka,

Mimics and its modules is a package developed by Materialise to interface in
between a stack of 2D images and RP (STL, direct slice formats) or CAD

If you have created your GIF or TIFF images from a medical scanner, I have
good news for you. Mimics is able to address directly Magneto-optical disks
and DAT tapes written by the scanner. In this case the intermediate step
involving GIF or TIFF can be skipped.

In case you have the images from another type of scanner that outputs TIFF,
you can use Mimics to import all non compressed images such as TIFF, BMP,

If your interest lies more in the conversion job itself and not in the
software, we could also do the job for you.

In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

With best regards,

Kris Wouters
Medical Application Engineer

Materialise Medical
Technologielaan 15
3001 Leuven
Tel. (+32) 16 396 681 Direct
       (+32) 16 396 611
Fax. (+32) 16 396 600

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                One project that we are working on requires the creation of
an STL file from a stack of 2D slice files (GIF,TIFF, etc). What software
exists that can perform this function?
                                Al Hastbacka

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