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Great story!! Sorry I missed the festivities this year. I may return next
year now that ExpressPattern is part of the family of Infinite Group
companies. Hello to all those I missed. I hope you all had a few of the
Apollo beers for me!


PS - I do remember the Rattle Snake brew.

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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 15:53:02 -0400
Subject: Apollo Beer and the 3DNASLUG

Hello all and it particular those that attended the 3DNASLUG meeting in
Orlando this year...
If you were not at the meeting this may have little meaning to you, if
that's the case I'm sorry. This is a fairly interesting topic although not
related to RP.

For those of you that decided to take a set of your empty beer bottles home
with you they are now collectors items as the brewery stopped producing
beer! For those that did not attend the meeting Tom Sorovetz was his
masterful self planning the evening out. We were bussed over to the Kennedy
Space Center and given a tour and couple of shows and then had dinner under
the belly of a full size Saturn rocket. The dinner was great and the beer
called "Apollo Beer" was in midnight blue bottles one with a Saturn rocket
lifting off toward a crescent moon that was on the neck of the bottle
(Lager), the other a large crescent moon on the base of the bottle (Ale).
Oh, and the beer was pretty good too. Any way there were several of us that
were so taken with the bottles that we took a set of them home with us.
After getting home I thought it might be a cool thing to have this beer for
one of our neighborhood parties (yes I freely admit that I'm a nerd and
indeed live in a neighborhood full of nerds that could appreciate the beer
and the artwork on the bottles). I promptly located the phone number and
the name of the brewery on the back of one of the bottles, it read:
Big Bang Brewery, Phone: 1-800-97-ORBIT
The phone number kept sending me to a voice mail box that needed a password
to get into and I thought "man is this weird, their taking security a bit
far these days!" I called Tom and he in turn got the number for the
distributor in Florida that supplied KSC. A phone call to them got me the
"non-800" number for the brewery and that number was to the representative
that sold the beer for the brewery. This is where I found out that the beer
was no longer being produced and what ever was left on the distributors
shelves was all there was! Being the kind of guy that I am this new threw
me into a panic and I made the commitment to myself to find whatever I could
of this beer and the guy gave me the location and phone number of a store in
the Tampa area that he though would be the only source. The liquor store
guy found a couple of cases of Ale and one case of the Lager and then told
me it would be a felony conviction if he was caught shipping liquor out of
state. ARGH!
Ok, some of you may be thinking drop it! It's only beer! Did I tell you how
blue the bottles were? I found a guy that I on occasion use to purchase
NASA collectibles and he was able to go pick the beer up and ship it to me.
He had never heard of the beer before I told him about it and when he went
to pick up mine the particular store had two cold six packs of the ale left
and he purchased it. He found out that it's only illegal for the dealer or
distributor to ship the stuff out of state. After talking with the
distributor and the dealer there are fewer then a couple more cases of the
ale and no more of the lager left!
I hope that you all both enjoy this story and the bottles that you had the
wisdom to take that evening. I'll keep the three cases in storage until we
can all sit around the fire pit in my back yard and tell stories about those
most memorable 3DNASLUG meetings, any body remember the Rattle Snake Beer?

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