Re: Models of Great Architecture

From: Michael Rees (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 02:35:20 EEST

Marshall et al,

It would indeed be amazing if the resolution weren't so poor. This is
one of the largest obstacles facing virtual models to physical
prototypes at the low end. It works when the models are nurbs based and
the resolution can be bumped at will. But it doesn't work when the
models (as in .3dmf) are faked with texture maps and don't have a
tesselating function. This is generally the case in animation except for
movie screen size output.

The other problem comes when you have a simplified nurbs model of a real
building, try to create it with greater resolution and it no longer
matches the real thing. For real models such as these buildings, the
problems of getting an acurate model are not trivial.


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